Cometa Wellness Labs

How many times have you wanted labs to assess your health and asked your doctor to order them, but the response by the doctor was “NO” they are “unnecessary”?    No more! 

How the Cometa Wellness Labs can Benefit you!

  1. Dr. Cometa has hand-selected specific labs for each Cometa Wellness Profile to insure the most accurate and thorough assessment of your health.
  2. You will receive your Lab results by email as soon as they are returned to Dr. Cometa.
  3. Dr. Cometa is now offering 1 hour virtual consultations (FaceTime or Skype) for those folks who order labs and are not one of her patients. Whether you are in Oregon or around the corner from The Cometa Wellness Center, you can schedule a Wellness Labs consultation for an additional fee. Just email her at to inquire about or schedule that virtual consultation.
  4. You will have paid a fraction of the cost you would have paid for the same blood work if you have no insurance, or when deductibles are unmet, or when you (often unknowingly) agreed to only partial payment of lab work when you signed up for your plan.

Cometa Wellness Labs – LabCorp is the LAB that will draw your blood work.

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