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Partners in the Healing Process:
Patient and Practitioner, Together

Ariane Cometa MD has been a board-certified physician of Family Medicine for 25 years. Throughout her quarter-of-a-century career as a medical doctor, Dr. Cometa has always practiced as an Integrative Medical doctor who focuses on the whole person with a holistic approach.  Dr. Cometa founded The Cometa Wellness Center in 1999 when she brought her Integrative Mind Body Medical Practice to Baltimore, Maryland. Here, at The Cometa Wellness Center, you will find a variety of healing arts practitioners who, together with Dr. Cometa, have provided wellness to thousands of patients over the years. 

Cometa Wellness Center — Mission Statement

The Cometa Wellness Center … where conventional medical training and complementary medicine combine to create Wellness. At The Cometa Wellness Center, Integrative Medicine is no longer the medicine of the future; it is the medicine of today.


Appointments with Dr. Cometa

When either Western medicine or natural therapies aren’t working alone, Dr. Cometa blends both as integrative medicine.

Natural Pharmacy

Approved by Dr. Cometa, order all your supplements here, for pick-up at our office—or we’ll ship them.

Wellness Labs — Blood Testing

Save on a selection of Wellness Labs, specifically chosen by Dr. Cometa, when you order through Cometa Wellness Center.

Medical Thermography

Thermograms use your body’s infrared image to assess your breast health and more, as a true way of screening your body for disease.


Whether family, work, relationship, or addiction issues, our counselers use holistic approaches to work through your issues.

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We practice Five Element acupuncture to restore life’s natural movement and harmonious health and well-being.

Massage Therapy

Expert treatments, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and myofacial massage

Manual Therapy

Treatments for back, knees, or foot pain, headaches, post-surgery pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or just “out of balance.”

Wellness Coaching

A holistic approach to self-care and self-improvement—through mind, body, and spirit.

Essential Oils

Learn which essential oils are best to support, maintain, and promote a healthy lifestyle.