Wellness Labs FAQs

Is CWC able to bill the insurance company directly?

Not exactly. All of our patients participating in our Wellness Labs will pay for their labs up front, then submit their payment to their insurance company for reimbursement. 

Do I need to fast before my Wellness Lab?

Yes.  Do not eat any food after midnight (12am) prior to your Wellness Lab. Please make sure to be very well hydrated with water the morning of your Wellness Lab.

What is the process for getting my Wellness Lab?

  1. Get set up with your recommended Wellness Lab here.
  2. We will then purchase your desired Lab from our partner 4PMD and email you a Lab Req form.
  3. You walk into your local LabCorp with your Lab Req form printed out and get your lab done.

It’s that simple.

Where is my nearest lab location?

Click the appropriate button to not only find the nearest location, but also set your lab appointment.