Treating Mental Health Naturally PART I

 Many different types of psychological, mental and emotional as well as behavioral disorders, can be assessed through detecting abnormalities in the body's METHYLATION process. This cellular phenomena, methylation, is essential to all the physiological events that take place in the human body and is detected and measured through either elevated or reduced levels of histamine in the body.

OCD tendencies, calm exterior but high inner tension, competitive, perfectionistic, addictive tendencies....

High anxiety, panic, noncompetitive in sports or games, food/chemical sensitivities, high musical or artistic ability, underachievement, sleep disorders....

These two examples of histamine imbalance that are treated very different naturally, are easily assessed through Methylation status testing.

Natural treatment to begin Methylation and histamine-level balancing cannot be done before the accurate assessment of histamine levels in whole blood.

 The Cometa Wellness Center Wellness Labs is now proud to offer this simple test at a remarkably reduced price!  Methylation and Neurochemistry can be directly ordered on line and the office will send you this lab requisition to be done at LabCorp. The test costs $100.00

In addition, Neurochemical balance is often achieved through mineral balance. Assessing ones Mineral Health status is very important. The Mineral Profile is very helpful and is also an important neurochemical health screening test.

Please visit the Wellness Labs on our website to read further about these tests and more tests which are available on line with The Cometa Wellness Center. Of course, please feel free to call us if you would like more information about how to order these tests on line. The whole process is quite easy at

Stayed tuned to learn more about what is meant by different BIOTYPES of Mental Health and how to achieve neurochemical balance naturally!


Dr. Cometa, the holistic doc