MegiGel Healing Cream




MediGel® RAPID HEALING Hydroactive lipogel with zinc and iron for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds Intended use MediGel® Rapid Healing is a lipogel for the topical treatment of acute wounds (e.g., grazes, cuts, scratches and bites*, as well as lacerations and tears), first- and second-degree burns (with blistering), and sunburn.

MediGel® Rapid Healing can also be used for the treatment of cleaned, uninfected chronic wounds with a moderate amount of weeping (grade 2 pressure ulcers); treatment of chronic wounds must only take place under the supervision of medical professionals. * For bites, it is necessary to see a doctor for initial treatment, as there is a high risk of infection. Properties MediGel® Rapid Healing is a white odourless lipogel with hydroactive properties that combine the moisturising properties of a gel with the nourishing properties of a cream. It is suitable for use in both dry wounds and wounds with a moderate level of weeping. MediGel® Rapid Healing uses many of the principles of moist wound healing for optimal healing of the injured skin. The low pH value, supported by the presence of iron and zinc ions, activates the natural healing process and triggers the formation of new skin. Natural nourishing oils and vitamin E support the regeneration of the damaged skin.

MediGel® Rapid Healing is tolerated very well by all skin types and can therefore be used by the whole family, including children and those with sensitive skin.

Thanks to the physical properties of the cream, MediGel® Rapid Healing creates the following conditions for rapid wound healing:

• Rapid pain relief and cooling sensation • Restoration of a suitable microclimate in the wound • Promotes wound healing • Reduces swelling • Reduces the risk of infection • Reduces scarring Instructions for use Wash your hands before and after treating a wound. Before treatment with MediGel® Rapid Healing, the wound should be thoroughly cleaned.


Apply approximately a 2 mm-thick layer of MediGel® Rapid Healing to the cleaned wound, making sure to go beyond the edges of the wound (the wound heals from the outside in). In the first days following the injury, MediGel® Rapid Healing can be applied several times a day. The product can be used in all stages of wound healing until the injury has healed completely. Make sure that the contents of the pack is removed hygienically, avoiding any contact between the tube opening and the wound.

MediGel® Rapid Healing contains no skin irritants and can be used on mucous tissues (e.g., in the nose) and on the mouth.

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