We believe Your health & wellness can be attained through natural health and balance


The Cometa Wellness Center....where conventional medical training and complementary medicine combine to create Wellness. At The Cometa Wellness Center, Integrative Medicine is no longer the medicine of the future; it is the medicine of today. Join our talented practitioners for all of your Wellness needs. Scroll down and see all we have to offer you to balance your mind, spirit and body. We are The Cometa Wellness Center, your One Stop for Wellness!


Dr. Ariane K. Cometa has helped thousands of

people on their path to Health and Wellness

in her 25 years of medical practice!

We offer Medical Thermography!

A radiation-free way to scan the entire body

for early detection of cancer, tumor growth and inflammation!

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Get Your Dose of Mother Nature's natural healing in our Natural Pharmacy!

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Join Us on Our New Wellness Labs page and find out how you can order yourself your own personalized labs at a discount price through The Cometa Wellness Center.


Relax and Heal in the care

of our Natural healing experts!


Strengthen Your Body, Mind,

Heart and Soul in our

in-house Event Center!

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