Essential Oils

Colette Polignone


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Your first experience with Young Living Essential Oils is something you never forget. In fact, every day we hear, “What smells so amazing and how can I get some of that?” While these essential oils do smell amazing, their benefits go far beyond the simple pleasure of enjoying the fragrance. Colette has been trained in Chemistry of Essential Oils, Vitaflex Technique, Raindrop Technique, Oils of Ancient Scripture, and Emotional Release. Her business partner and husband Tony is gifted in teaching men about the power of essential oils to support normal, healthy body systems.

Deborah Howard

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Young Living Essential Oils are about more than scents and can be used to uplift home, body, spirit and emotions. In addition to classes and individual sessions, Deborah offers AromaDome® sessions and iTOVi Scans. Learn about essential oils at an Individual Session. She has trained in Trauma Release with Essential Oils based on Dr. Corinne Allen's work and in “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils” at a workshop with Dr. Carolyn L. Mein, the author of the book of the same title.