Bronchicum Syrup


A phyto-preparation that has expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as being an antiseptic (i.e. kills bacteria like a cleanser rather than an antibiotic effect- think natural Listerine), and increases air flow through the bronchial tree (bronchodilatory effect) .As expectorants, Bronchium syrup and Bronchiopret tablets act as secretolytics and respiratory tract function stimulants to quickly dilute and dissolve phlegm from the airways, making it easier to eliminate excess mucous and the infection it harbors away efficiently.
Hence these preparations:
  1.   Loosen thick mucous
  2.   Heal bronchial inflammation and kill infection
  3.   Reduce coughing
  4.   Improve expectoration to bring up mucous, allowing for free breathing and infection clearance

This Syrup contains herbal concentrates of Thyme and Primrose

Dosage:1/2-1 teaspoon of the Bronchium syrup

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