Attention Support

Amen Clinics BrainMD

Product Form: Capsule
Product Size: 90 capsules
Servings per Container: 30
Manufacturer: Dr. Amen’s BrainMD
Item Number: BMD-001-090

What It Is

Trouble concentrating? Can’t sit still? Attention Support can help you relax stay calm and increase your attention span—all at the same time.

What It Does

Boost your (or your child’s) potential with Attention Support's natural focus boosters without pharmaceutical side effects! All its ingredients were picked for their clinically proven benefits to attention concentration calm and overall self-control.Six powerhouse ingredients provide maximum multi-mechanism support:

  •  Vitamin B6
  •  Magnesium
  •  Zinc
  •  PhosphatidylSerine (PS)
  •  Pycnogenol®
  •  Choline


Supports your (or your child’s) concentration and attention. Curbs negative impulses and promotes better decision-making. Promotes a tranquil mind and body.

Dr. Cometa’s Spotlight

Dr. Amen’s company BrainMD creates the highest quality nutritional products for optimizing and balancing brain health. The ingredients and their dosages are ideally balanced for learning, focus, and memory support in children, teens, and adults. They're also formulated for maximum absorption, so your body can make the most use of them.

Suggested Use

For best results, take three capsules of Attention Support once daily, preferably between meals. Higher intakes may be beneficial, as recommended by a nutritionally informed physician.


  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI and pyridoxal-5-phosphate) — 30 mg
  • Magnesium (as glycinate and malate) — 100 mg
  • Zinc (as glycinate) — 15 mg
  • Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) (soy-free, from sunflower lecithin) — 100 mg
  • Pycnogenol® Maritime Pine Bark Extract
  • (Pinus maritima, bark) (min. 65% procyanidins) — 30 mg
  • Choline (as bitartrate) — 110 mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Free from milk/dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, eggs, corn, or artificial colors or flavoring.

More About Attention Support

This supplement is extremely well tolerated by children and adults. Its various vitamins, essential minerals and the highly researched herbal Pycnogenol® are well validated for use with children. Attention Support is intended for use by children 4 years or older.

When you or your children take Attention Support, you’re addressing three important components:

Focus = Confidence

If you or your child could focus better it could mean so much, at school or at work. You could get more done in less time and boost your confidence. This supplement offers you these possibilities, based on the success of its ingredients in kids and adults under controlled clinical test conditions.

Natural and safe for growing brains

Dr. Daniel Amen, clinical child and adult psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, used his extensive experience to carefully select the well-studied ingredients in Attention Support. Working through multiple action pathways in the brain, its nutrients and herbals help our distractible brains stay on track!

Calm mind, better decisions

Being calm, focused and making better decisions leads to a greatly enhanced quality of life! Imagine the joy of accomplishing things on a consistent basis. It all starts with giving your brain the nutrients it needs, so that its self-regulating processes can keep on top of challenges and allow us to stay focused and productive.

The nutritional ingredients in our BrainMD Health products are specifically designed for the health of the organ that controls everything we do, think and feel—the brain. Each decision our product development team makes during the formulation process is based on the results of clinical trials and other scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Ingredients are always strictly selected and must be tested to verify their identity, purity and potency. We even get our own natural flavors created to avoid using sugar, other high glycemic ingredients, or hidden additives that are potentially unsafe.

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