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Your first experience with Young Living Essential Oils is something you never forget. In fact, every day we hear, “What smells so amazing and how can I get some of that?” While these essential oils do smell amazing, their benefits go far beyond the simple pleasure of enjoying the fragrance.

Once she and her husband Tony realized the power of Young Living Essential Oils, God gave them a mission to educate others on how to live a healthy, energetic, and vibrant chemical-free lifestyle using these highly effective and natural products from Young Living. As residents of the Baltimore/District of Columbia area, they have been married for more than 15 years and have 3 children. They homeschooled for several years and then transitioned to life with kids in school. During this transition, they were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils, our lives were radically transformed, and Colette began teaching about the oils full-time. They learned how to support our bodies’ perfect function through nutrition and the power of Young Living Essential Oils, as well as their all-natural plant based household products and makeup. Instead of returning to her practice as a licensed clinical psychologist, Colette chose to support and encourage individuals through the freedom found in using essential oils: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Hence, the name “More Oil Joy!”

Colette has been trained in Chemistry of Essential Oils, Vitaflex Technique, Raindrop Technique, Oils of Ancient Scripture, and Emotional Release. Tony is gifted in teaching men about the power of essential oils to support normal, healthy body systems. As a “former skeptic,” he has an impressive testimony. He currently never misses a day of using his oils. They have an extraordinary synergy that comes through as we teach our monthly essential oils classes together. As Silver Leaders with Young Living, they have the expertise and experience to empower you along your path of health and well-being.

They feel it is an honor to share their experiences and coach you on your health journey. They continue to be astounded weekly by the number of exciting testimonies they hear from their team members about how these bottles of oil are bringing so much joy and changing lives. Feel free to contact them with questions regarding these oils and all-natural products. It is their belief that once you see the difference in your life after using these oils, you will understand why this “lost knowledge” of essential oils is so very essential!

They look forward to serving you.

Tony and Colette Polignone


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