Welcome, Chesacanna Clients

The Cometa Wellness Center welcomes you to our Natural Pharmacy. As the Wellness Director for Chesacanna, Dr. Cometa is honored to offer you the opportunity to purchase all of your premium quality nutritional and herbal supplements from our pharmacy at preferred Chesacanna Client pricing. You will receive a Promo code from Chesacanna—be sure to enter it each time you use the pharmacy to insure your discount!

Each of the more than 250 supplements available in the Cometa Wellness Natural Pharmacy have been hand-selected by Ariane Cometa, MD who has been naturally prescribing for over 25 years.

 Dr. Cometa — Chesacanna Wellness Director

Dr. Cometa — Chesacanna Wellness Director

We invite you to first take a look at our Natural Pharmacy Overview page. You can find the supplements you need in three ways:

  • Using the SEARCH space

  • Viewing alphabetized supplements using VIEW SUPPLEMENTS

  • View supplements listed under Health Concerns or your favorite Supplement Company

When you place your order, your supplements will be shipped promptly. For your convenience, once your account is established with the first order, you will be able to speed through the check-out process for all future purchases.