Just Say “No” to the Flu Shot


Just how do scientists accurately predict which types of influenza virus will cause infections and prepare an appropriate vaccine each year? The answer: very, very poorly!

In reality, this season’s flu virus has had a whole year to evolve and there is no scientifically well-proven way to formulate the flu vaccine for the upcoming virus, based upon how last year’s flu virus is going to mutate to become this year’s flu troublemaker!

Since it takes months to manufacture the flu vaccine, it must be created long before it can be known just what to brew up accurately. This inevitably means missing the mark with the vaccine and hence, a missed benefit! It’s truly is an annual human experiment, and we—not the influenza bugs—are the human guinea pigs!

Natural Options to the Flu Shot

To prevent illness during this year’s cold and flu season, don’t be a part of an experiment. Support your cells’ ability to build a sturdy immune system with Dr. Cometa’s hand-selected combination of Cold and Flu prevention supplements. They work synergistically to keep you well all season long!