It’s Your Health: Why Skimp?


Why skimp when it comes to your health? Remember—you, your loved ones, and your friends are always worth the money you spend on quality health care.

At the Cometa Wellness Thermography Center, we know that your health matters and that the quality of interpretation directly determines the quality of our service. This is why Ariane Cometa, MD is a member of Electronic Medical Interpretation (EMI), a professional group of board-certified Thermologists. At EMI, only medical doctors (MD or DO) receive the necessary education and training provided by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT).  Dr. Cometa reads all the thermography for CWC Thermography Center. Dr. Cometa combines her 28 years of Integrative Medical experience with her Thermology training for those who wish to pursue this combined medical service and make a thermography consultation appointment.

Reading Thermogram.jpg

No other physician on the eastern seaboard offers what Dr. Cometa is able to provide: Integrative Holistic Medical training, certification in Medical Thermology and providing her community with the excellence of the Meditherm2000 Infrared camera.

What do you receive when you have your Thermogram done at the CWC Thermography Center?

A board certified Medical Doctor of Thermology who will:

  • Interpret and Report your Thermal Images
  • Provide you with your Color Infrared Images and a Thermography Interpretation
  • Provide established Cometa Wellness Center patients with a personalized and easy-to-understand description of the Thermography Report, which means you will understand the Thermography Interpretation
  • Provide you with an integrative medicine consultation, at additional cost, to review your health and thermogram online or by phone