I am now working with a company called 4PMD. 4PMD is a Professional Physician Partnership Platform that allows me to GREATLY discount medical labs for my patients health care.  4PMD is a blood testing and communication support platform for Integrative Medical professionals like me, who focus on optimizing the quality of life and longevity of their patients.

I am honored to be able to greatly reduce the cost of essential lab work into an affordable blood testing price range. As we all know, many people have HIGH deductibles or they do not have labs covered by their medical plans or they have no insurance at all. What all of these situations amount to, is that patient’s end up paying out of pocket for their labs. LabCorp is the local lab facility which is affiliated with 4PMD. 

I have been working hard on putting these tests together and am very pleased to offer an incredible amount of blood work through LABCORP at a really reduced cost. Individual labs can be added, subtracted or a whole panel of blood work, specifically designed for you, is also available. If you would like to move forward with this, I will just need to send you the LABCORP requisition. If you choose to use this Lab, you will be paying me directly through www.cometawellness.com/wellness-labs/ and I will be paying the 4PMD Laboratory through my account.

Take a look at the Wellness Labs page on our website,


For those of you whose insurance participates with LabCorp, your paid receipt through us can be submitted towards your deductible or for your repayment by your insurance company.

Let’s stay in the game together on this medical insurance roller coaster we are all riding on!

-Dr. Cometa