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Dr. Cometa’s Flu Shot Alternative:
Cold & Flu Package

The influenza vaccine is generally estimated to be somewhat less effective against this season’s viruses than average. At best, on average, it’s thought to be about 40% effective. This year, however, the estimates are that it’s only 30% effective.

Why not reduce your chances of catching the flu by using a tried-and-true, potent combination of natural, nutritional supplements? In this short video, Dr. Cometa explains why the flu shot is not more effective, and what you can do to fortify yourself against catching the flu.

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Cold & Flu Package
Product Form: Kit of 3 Items
Product Size: 3 Products
Manufacturer: Natura, Allergy Research Group
Item Number: KIT-001-CAF

What Is It?

The natural alternative to the flu shot. Natural supplements.

  • Throat & Gland Spray — 2 fl.oz.
  • Flew Away—60 Capsules
  • Esterol—100 Capsules

What It’s For

To prevent illness during this year’s cold and flu season, don’t be a part of an experiment. Support your cells’ ability to build a sturdy immune system with Dr. Cometa’s hand-selected combination of Cold and Flu prevention supplements. They work synergistically to keep you well all season long!

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